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Copper-Catalyzed Tandem Radical Cyclization of 8‑Ethynyl-1-naphthyl-amines for the Synthesis of 2H‑Benzo[e][1,2]thiazine 1,1-Dioxides and its Fluorescence Properties

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posted on 16.09.2020, 11:47 by Xia Chen, Lianpeng Zhang, Yuzhe Wang, Guanyinsheng Qiu, Qinghui Liang, Hongwei Zhou
A copper-catalyzed radical cascade dehydrogenative cyclization of N-tosyl-8-ethynyl-1-naphthylamines under air is described herein for the synthesis of thioazafluoranthenes. The reaction proceeds smoothly with high efficiency and a broad reaction scope. The product is indeed a new fluorophore and its photophysical properties are also investigated. Based on the results, we are pleased to find that the Stokes shift of amino-linked thioazafluoranthenes in dilute tetrahydrofuran is determined to be 143 nm (4830 cm–1).