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Copper-Catalyzed Selective 1,2-Difunctionalization of N‑Heteroaromatics through Cascade C–N/CC/CO Bond Formation

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posted on 2020-09-30, 21:04 authored by Qianlin He, Feng Xie, Chuanjiang Xia, Wanyi Liang, Ziyin Guo, Zhongzhi Zhu, Yibiao Li, Xiuwen Chen
This study presents an efficient strategy for constructing 1,2-difunctionalized quinoline derivatives via the multicomponent cascade coupling of N-heteroaromatics with alkyl halides and different terminal alkynes. This reaction was achieved through sequential functionalization at the one- and two-positions of quinolines, which displayed a broad substrate scope, environmental friendliness, excellent functional group tolerance, high atom efficiency, and chemoselectivity. The multicomponent coupling involved the abnormal construction of new C–N, CC, and CO bonds in one pot. The applicability of this method was further demonstrated by the late-stage functionalization of complex drug molecules under the established conditions.