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Construction of Lanthanum Vanadate/Functionalized Boron Nitride Nanocomposite: The Electrochemical Sensor for Monitoring of Furazolidone

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posted on 2021-02-10, 15:06 authored by Thangavelu Kokulnathan, Ghzzai Almutairi, Shen-Ming Chen, Tse-Wei Chen, Faheem Ahmed, Nishat Arshi, Bandar AlOtaibi
The electrochemical sensor has received considerable attention because of the future on-time monitoring technologies. To meet the requirements of on-time monitoring applications, it is of prodigious importance to discover new catalysts for the electrochemical sensor that have good conductivity and physicochemical properties. The novelty of this work is the successful synthesis of lanthanum vanadate/functionalized boron nitride (LaV/F-BN) nanocomposites and their application toward the electrochemical detection of furazolidone (FZD). The fabricated sensors containing nanocomposites of LaV/F-BN modified electrode displayed improved electrochemical sensing behavior for the detection of FZD compared to other electrodes. This electrocatalyst showed reduction potential at −0.42 V (vs Ag/AgCl2), a low detection limit (0.003 μM), acceptable selectivity, and wide linear range (0.015–300 μM) with a correlation coefficient of 0.995, which is better than the previous literature. The enhanced catalytic activity of the proposed sensor is mainly attributed to the abundant exposed active sites, high surface area, better conductivity, rapid electron transfer, synergistic effect, and functional groups. The practical utility of the LaV/F-BN based sensor was evaluated via the determination of FZD in human blood serum and urine samples.