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Code review in application notes

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posted on 13.01.2014, 18:11 by Jerome KelleherJerome Kelleher

This is a manuscript I submitted to Bioinformatics as a "letter to the editor" in January 2012. The manuscript argues for the introduction of a system of code review for their application notes. The editors declined to publish the letter, and provided the following reason: "The Executive Editors have considered very careful your proposal and discussed it. They really appreciate your time and interest in the journal and in particular in the ANs. In practical terms they do not see a way of implementing your proposal but they will consider possible variants and discuss them in the context of other initiatives to evaluate bioinformatics software and applications, and keep you posted if any progress can be done along this line. With all these considerations in mind they do not see the letter as appropriate for publication in the journal."


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