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Chiral Hexanuclear Ferric Wheels

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posted on 05.03.2012, 00:00 by John Fielden, Manfred Speldrich, Claire Besson, Paul Kögerler
The homochiral iron­(III) wheels [Fe6{(S)-pedea}6Cl6] and [Fe6{(R)-pedea)}6Cl6] [(R)- and (S)-2; pedea = phenylethylaminodiethoxide] exhibit high optical activities and antiferromagnetic exchange. These homochiral products react with each other, producing the centrosymmetric, crystallographically characterized [Fe6{(S)-pedea}3{(R)-pedea}3Cl6] diastereomer [(RSRSRS)-2]. 1H NMR and UV–vis studies indicate that exchange processes are slow in both homo- and heterochiral systems but that, upon combination, the reaction between (R)- and (S)-2 occurs quickly.