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Chemistry at the Alkyne–Carbene Intersection: A Metallacyclobutene−η3‑Vinylcarbene Equilibration

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posted on 2016-02-19, 05:45 authored by Joseph M. O’Connor, Kim K. Baldridge, Carmen L. Vélez, Arnold L. Rheingold, Curtis E. Moore
Synthesis of a sterically congested metallacyclobutene complex has led to the first observation of metallacyclobutene−η3-vinylcarbene equilibration. The structure of the η3-vinylcarbene complex was elucidated by spectroscopy, HRMS, and ab initio computations. The vinylcarbene complex was trapped by reactions with ethyl diazoacetate and (C5H5)­Co­(PPh3)2 to give cobalt–diene and dicobalt complexes, respectively.