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CdSe Nanorods Functionalized with Thiol-Anchored Oligothiophenes

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posted on 22.11.2007, 00:00 by Bryan C. Sih, Michael O. Wolf
A series of thiol-substituted oligothiophenes were synthesized and used to functionalize the surface of CdSe nanorods, via exchange with tetradecylphosphonic acid-capped particles. Attachment of the oligothiophenes to the CdSe nanorods results in little change to the electronic structure of the oligothiophenes as shown by the similarities in the absorption spectra to the unbound oligothiophenes. The emission spectra of the oligothiophene-capped nanorods show that oligothiophene emission is quenched after attachment to the CdSe surface due to either an electron or energy transfer mechanism. The intensity of emission from the CdSe nanorods differs depending on the number of oligothiophenes attached to the CdSe surface. A larger number of bound thiols act as hole traps leading to quenching of the nanoparticle emission.