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posted on 19.08.2021, 17:57 by Adalmiro Pereira, Angela Vaz

The first theoretical treatment of the concept of strategic dates back about 2400 years ago, with the appearance of the writings elaborated by Dom Tzu, synthesized in the book “The Art of War”.

However, the concept of strategy only materialized from the 50s of the last century and strategic management came to be considered as an autonomous discipline. academics.

The first phase of strategic thinking is characterized by the search for the best way to plan the development of large companies. It was the so-called classic phase, in which the formal aspects took on relevant aspects.

A second phase of evolution coincides with the appearance of the so-called BCG matrix and other matrices developed by consulting firms, around the 70s, in which an approach based on the management of business portfolios is proposed. In general, these methodologies seek to support managers in their resource allocation decisions between the various businesses.


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