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CAREX - Restoration in action

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posted on 29.03.2020, 22:37 by Catherine M. Febria, Kristy Hogsden, Hayley S. Devlin, Katie Collins, Brandon C. Goeller, Jon S. Harding, Angus McIntosh

Through the CAREX project, we have tested a series of practical tools, and developed solutions and approaches to address aquatic weed, sediment, and nutrient management issues in agricultural waterways in lowland Canterbury.

We have developed a set of steps and toolboxes, underpinned by science, which can be applied by farmers, landowners and stakeholders to facilitate rehabilitation and improve agricultural waterway health.

This handout provides examples of the steps taken and tools used to restore two agricultural waterways in lowland Canterbury as part of the CAREX project.

Suggested citation: Febria, C.M., Hogsden, K.L., Devlin, H.S., Collins, K.E., Goeller, B.C. Harding, J.S. and A.M. McIntosh. 2018. Restoration in Action, CAREX Toolbox Handout, University of Canterbury, Christchurch.


Mackenzie Charitable Foundation (New Zealand)