But I don't want to code! Three emerging IT skills for librarians (other than coding) and how to start developing them

2017-07-12T04:21:54Z (GMT) by Sam Searle
There is a lot of interest in the library community in coding right now, but coding is just one of many IT skills relevant to new information professionals in their future career. This presentation is aimed at tech-savvy new professionals who want to increase their employability by combining library and IT skills, but may not be aware of the variety of skillsets within the IT profession and how these can be applied. The presentation introduces the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), an IT industry competency framework used in over 200 countries. It then looks at three specific IT skill areas: user experience, change management and business process improvement. Case studies of librarians practising these skills as part of their roles are included, along with pointers to professional development pathways (with a focus on no- or low-cost options).