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Boron-Promoted Umpolung Reaction of Sulfonyl Chlorides for the Stereospecific Synthesis of Thioglycosides via Reductive Deoxygenation Coupling Reactions

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journal contribution
posted on 2022-03-25, 14:33 authored by Siyu Li, Yujuan Wang, Lei Zhong, Siyu Wang, Zhengli Liu, Yuanwei Dai, Yun He, Zhang Feng
S-Glycosides have broad biological activities and serve as stable mimics of natural O-glycoside counterparts and thus are of great therapeutic potential. Herein we disclose an efficient method for the stereospecific synthesis of 1-thioglycosides via a boron-promoted reductive deoxygenation coupling reaction from readily accessible sulfonyl chlorides and glycosyl bromides. Our protocol features mild conditions and excellent functional group tolerance and stereoselectivity. The translational potential of this metal-free approach is demonstrated by the late-stage glycodiversification of natural products and drug molecules.