Blueprint for a Value-Added Triangle and Student Benefits Can Developing E-Collections Help?

2017-02-21T21:39:05Z (GMT) by Anjana Bhatt

FGCU library spends over one million dollars for subscribing to e-collections in various formats: journals, books, databases and streaming videos. Over the years, we have observed a remarkable growth and a distinctly visible shift in our budget allocations moving towards e-content. In addition, our users, through the LibQUAL survey, have repeatedly expressed an increasing desire for additional spaces for individual and group studies.

 Since 2014, we are engaged in a systematic Collection Analysis Project and it is expected to run through 2017 academic year.  Main aim of this project is to review physical collection usage patterns, weed collection in multiple formats and create additional interactive learning spaces. much required for student success.

 In this session, presenter will discuss a threefold approach for developing curriculum based patron driven electronic content, analyzing library collections systematically and meeting user expectations in terms of content and learning commons spaces.