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Blown Bubble Assembly of Graphene Oxide Patches for Transparent Electrodes in Carbon–Silicon Solar Cells

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posted on 30.12.2015, 00:00 authored by Shiting Wu, Yanbing Yang, Yitan Li, Chunhui Wang, Wenjing Xu, Enzheng Shi, Mingchu Zou, Liusi Yang, Xiangdong Yang, Yan Li, Anyuan Cao
Graphene oxide (GO) sheets have a strong tendency to aggregate, and their interfaces can impose limitations on the electrical conductivity, which would hinder practical applications. Here, we present a blown bubble film method to assemble GO sheets with a uniform distribution over a large area and further interconnect individual GO sheets by transforming the bubble film into graphitized carbon. A conventional polymer was used to facilitate the bubble blowing process and disperse GO sheets in the bubble. Then, the bubble film was annealed on a Cu substrate, resulting in a highly transparent reduced GO (RGO)–carbon hybrid structure consisting of RGO patches well adhered to the carbon film. We fabricated RGO–carbon/Si solar cells with power conversion efficiencies up to 6.42%, and the assembled RGO patches hybridized with carbon film can form an effective junction with Si, indicating potential applications in thin film electronic devices and photovoltaics.