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Biocatalyzed Accelerated Post-combustion CO2 Capture and Stripping in Monoethanolamine

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journal contribution
posted on 2017-09-12, 00:00 authored by Prakash C. Sahoo, Manoj Kumar, Amardeep Singh, Mahendara P. Singh, Suresh K. Puri
The existing solvent-mediated CO2 capture process is energy-intensive as a result of the high-temperature requirement for solvent regeneration. Therefore, improvement of solvent systems for optimized and low-energy-intensive CO2 capture and desorption is of enormous interest. In this regard, we report a novel matrix composed of ZnO/Fe2O3-encapsulated mesoporous silica-tethered thermostable carbonic anhydrase (CA) (designated as CA@fn-Zn/Fe/MS). The enzyme-coupled matrix was used for efficient post-combustion CO2 capture and low-energy-intensive desorption. It was observed that the use of CA@fn-Zn/Fe/MS (0.5 wt %) in 30% monoethanolamine (MEA) enhances the CO2 uptake to 0.82 mol/mol of solvent and the regeneration efficiency by 2.6 times compared to neat MEA at 30 wt %. The enzyme-coupled matrix is stable over a broad range of pH and can be used for several cycles. The development adds value to improve conventional amine-based CO2 scrubbing technology.