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Bio-Based Aerogel Based on Bamboo, Waste Paper, and Reduced Graphene Oxide for Oil/Water Separation

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posted on 2022-02-23, 22:15 authored by Jiwei Huang, Dandan Li, Langhuan Huang, Shaozao Tan, Ting Liu
In recent years, the discharge of industrial waste oil has increased and offshore oil leakage has occurred frequently, and thus water pollution has become a worldwide problem that attracts much attention. In this regard, a kind of oil-absorbing material with high oil-absorbing property and good mechanical property is urgently needed. Here, we reported a new type of aerogels with three-dimensional layered voids using natural bamboo powder, waste paper (WP), and graphene oxide (GO) as raw materials. The obtained aerogel had high adsorption capacity (87–121 g/g), compressibility, and high elasticity, which can separate oil from water and selectively absorb oil. This study provides not only a new treatment in agricultural waste treatment but also a facile, green, and low-cost approach to synthesize high-performance graphene-based oil absorbers, which might give us an effective solution for oil pollution of water resources worldwide.