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Autothermal CaO Looping Biomass Gasification for Renewable Syngas Production

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posted on 2020-03-16, 16:09 authored by Hongman Sun, Chunfei Wu
Biomass gasification is regarded as a promising alternative to fossil fuels for producing sustainable and clean value-added products. However, the challenges including low energy efficiency, CO2 emission, and ash agglomeration significantly delay the deployment of the technology. Herein, we first proposed a novel autothermal CaO looping biomass gasification (Auto-CaL-Gas) technology, in which CaO-based materials react with flue gas with a high concentration of CO2 (>30 vol %) to produce heat inside the gasifier, simultaneously providing energy for low-temperature biomass gasification using CO2 as a gasification agent. Upon use of this concept the syngas production exhibited a significant increase from 0.21 kg/h to 0.90 kg/h in the Aspen simulation results and more than 3-fold improvement in the experimental results.