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Assessment of the Macrocyclic Effect for the Complexation of Crown-Ethers with Alkali Cations Using the Substructural Molecular Fragments Method

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posted on 2002-05-15, 00:00 authored by A. Varnek, G. Wipff, V. P. Solov'e, A. F. Solotnov
The Substructural Molecular Fragments method (Solov'ev, V. P.; Varnek, A. A.; Wipff, G. J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 2000, 40, 847−858) was applied to assess stability constants (logK) of the complexes of crown-ethers, polyethers, and glymes with Na+, K+, and Cs+ in methanol. One hundred forty-seven computational models including different fragment sets coupled with linear or nonlinear fitting equations were applied for the data sets containing 69 (Na+), 123 (K+), and 31 (Cs+) compounds. To account for the “macrocyclic effect” for crown-ethers, an additional “cyclicity”descriptor was used. “Predicted” stability constants both for macrocyclic compounds and for their open-chain analogues are in good agreement with the experimental data reported earlier and with those studied experimentally in this work. The macrocyclic effect as a function of cation and ligand is quantitatively estimated for all studied crown-ethers.