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Anticounterfeiting Quick Response Code with Emission Color of Invisible Metal–Organic Frameworks as Encoding Information

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posted on 08.06.2018, 00:00 by Yong-Mei Wang, Xue-Tao Tian, Hui Zhang, Zhong-Rui Yang, Xue-Bo Yin
Counterfeiting is a global epidemic that is compelling the development of new anticounterfeiting strategy. Herein, we report a novel multiple anticounterfeiting encoding strategy of invisible fluorescent quick response (QR) codes with emission color as information storage unit. The strategy requires red, green, and blue (RGB) light-emitting materials for different emission colors as encrypting information, single excitation for all of the emission for practicability, and ultraviolet (UV) excitation for invisibility under daylight. Therefore, RGB light-emitting nanoscale metal–organic frameworks (NMOFs) are designed as inks to construct the colorful light-emitting boxes for information encrypting, while three black vertex boxes were used for positioning. Full-color emissions are obtained by mixing the trichromatic NMOFs inks through inkjet printer. The encrypting information capacity is easily adjusted by the number of light-emitting boxes with the infinite emission colors. The information is decoded with specific excitation light at 275 nm, making the QR codes invisible under daylight. The composition of inks, invisibility, inkjet printing, and the abundant encrypting information all contribute to multiple anticounterfeiting. The proposed QR codes pattern holds great potential for advanced anticounterfeiting.