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Anisotropy Effect of Three-Membered Rings in 1H NMR Spectra: Quantification by TSNMRS and Assignment of the Stereochemistry

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posted on 07.05.2015, 00:00 by Erich Kleinpeter, Stefanie Krüger, Andreas Koch
The spatial magnetic properties (through space NMR shieldings, TSNMRSs) of cyclopropane; of the heteroanalogous oxirane, thiirane, and aziridine; and of various substituted mono-, dis-, and tris-cyclic analogues have been computed by the GIAO perturbation method employing the nucleus independent chemical shift (NICS) concept and visualized as iso-chemical-shielding surfaces (ICSSs) of various size and direction. The TSNMRS values, thus obtained, can be employed to visualize the anisotropy (ring current) effect of the cyclopropane ring moiety. This approach has been employed to qualify and quantify substituent influences and contributions of appropriate ring heteroatoms O, NH, and S on the anisotropy (ring current) effect of three-membered ring moieties, and to assign the stereochemistry of mono-, bis-, and tris-cyclic structures containing cyclopropane as a structural element. Characteristic examples are included.