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An off-on fluorescent sensor with high selectivity and sensitivity for Fe(III)

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posted on 2014-04-30, 11:35 authored by Junmei An, Tianrong Li, Baodui Wang, Zhengyin Yang, Mihui Yan

A new fluorescent derivative (1) containing coumarin exhibits Fe(III)-selective strong yellow-green fluorescence in ethanol. This compound could be used as an “off-on” chemosensor and allow the detection of Fe3+ by monitoring changes in absorption and fluorescence spectra. Upon addition of Fe3+, an overall emission change of 125-fold was observed. High selectivity and sensitivity were observed over other metal ions, mainly due to the spirolactam ring-opening power of Fe3+. The detection limit was as low as 5.6 ppb. Photo-induced electron transfer, coupled with intramolecular charge transfer are proposed to account for the observed spectral response.


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