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An Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture Practice on Suboptimal Land

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posted on 2020-12-11, 04:53 authored by Annisa Noyara Rahmasary, Nurul Ihsan FawziNurul Ihsan Fawzi, Ika Zahara QuraniIka Zahara Qurani
This article will firstly discuss conditions of land that can be defined as suboptimal. The simplest way to identify it is when the land produces less than maximal crop yield. The “suboptimal land” term was started to be widely used to describe the typical character of land with low productivity, reduced economic return, and/or severe limitations for agricultural use. In this context, the usage of the “land” is broader than just soil or terrain layer. These include the atmosphere, geology, hydrology, soil, and the whole living things on it, including human activities such as drainage, terracing, and irrigation.