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Alignment and Charge Transport of One-Dimensional Conjugated Polymer Nanowires in Insulating Polymer Blends

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posted on 06.12.2016, 19:22 by Mincheol Chang, Zhe Su, Eilaf Egap
Self-assembled and well-aligned nanowires (NWs) of poly­(3-hexyl­thiophenes) (P3HT) embedded within insulating polystyrene (PS) matrix were found to have a high field-effect carrier mobility. We demonstrate that solution shear coating of P3HT-NWs/PS nanocomposites is an effective strategy in aligning P3HT NWs in the presence of PS and has a significant impact on the molecular order, morphology, and consequently charge transport. Shear-coated P3HT-NWs/PS nanocomposites consistently exhibited higher carrier mobilities compared to P3HT NWs or pristine P3HT/PS films by up to 10.2-fold. P3HT-NWs/PS nanocomposites containing only 3 wt % P3HT exhibit a mobility of ∼0.053 cm2 V–1 s–1, which is comparable to that of the 30 wt % P3HT (∼0.064 cm2 V–1 s–1) and even higher than that of 100 wt % P3HT (∼0.024 cm2 V–1 s–1).