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Additive Analytics: Easy Transformation of Low-Cost Fused Deposition Modeling Three-Dimensional Printers for HPTLC Sample Application

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journal contribution
posted on 07.05.2020, 09:24 by Dirk Volker Woortman, Martina Haack, Norbert Mehlmer, Thomas B. Brück
Additive manufacturing, known as three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies, has revolutionized production in all domains of science and technology. Although 3D printing has a high impact on research and development, its capacity to implement low-cost, flexible, and robust sample handling automation has not been exploited in full. To this end, we have created a low-cost, robust, and easy-to-utilize kit to transform an off-the-shelf fused deposition modeling 3D printer to a thin layer chromatography (TLC) sample application device. Our technology solution improves TLC convenience when higher throughput of the established method is required. The developed dual-needle sprayer allows simple and exceptionally robust automatic sample application. The device is especially well-suited for high-performance TLC-assisted method selection in counter-current chromatography. A step-by-step guide and list of required parts, including 3D printable files with instruction, can be obtained from the Supporting Information for research usage and open development.