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Additional file 9: of Identification and characterization of early photoreceptor cis-regulatory elements and their relation to Onecut1

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posted on 2018-11-22, 05:00 authored by Nathalie Jean-Charles, Diego Buenaventura, Mark Emerson
Induction of Rhodopsin::GFP reporter by OC1-EnR and L-Maf. Retinas were electroporated with UbiC::TdTomato, cow Rhodopsin::GFP, and a construct that encodes the protein driven by CAG noted on the x-axis. The percentage of electroporated cells (marked by UbiC::TdT) that activate the cow Rhodopsin reporter is plotted along the y-axis. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. Statistical analysis using Dunnett’s test for comparison of L-Maf group to 3 experimental groups. Significance value denoted by * = 0.01, ** = < 0.001 and N.S. signifies “No Significance”. N = 4 biological replicates for each condition. (PDF 147 kb)


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