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Additional file 9 of Age-associated genes in human mammary gland drive human breast cancer progression

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posted on 2020-06-16, 03:47 authored by Xiang Gu, Bingzhi Wang, Haiyan Zhu, You Zhou, Aaron M. Horning, Tim H-M Huang, Yidong Chen, Peter Houghton, Zhao Lai, Joel E. Michalek, Lu-Zhe Sun
Additional file 9: Supplementary Figure 9. Confirmation of P4HA3 knockdown in tumors formed by P4HA3 Knockdown BT-474 cells. Protein expression level of P4HA3 were measured by Western blotting in the tumors formed by control and P4HA3 Knockdown BT-474 cells in NSG mice.