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Additional file 9: Figure S5.1. of Predicting Wolbachia invasion dynamics in Aedes aegypti populations using models of density-dependent demographic traits

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posted on 08.11.2016, 05:00 by Penelope Hancock, Vanessa White, Scott Ritchie, Ary Hoffmann, H. Godfray
Total number of larvae counted in each week (black line and circles), divided into first and second instars (blue shading), third instars (yellow shading), and fourth instars (pink shading). A Population A; the red arrow indicates the day that introductions of wMel-infected pupae were initiated and the black arrow indicates the day that both wMel introductions and egg hatching were terminated (see [17]). B Population B; the black arrow indicates the day that egg hatching was terminated. (PDF 87 kb)