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Additional file 8: of RIP-Chip analysis supports different roles for AGO2 and GW182 proteins in recruiting and processing microRNA targets

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posted on 24.10.2019, 12:45 authored by Giovanni Perconti, Patrizia Rubino, Flavia Contino, Serena Bivona, Giorgio Bertolazzi, Michele Tumminello, Salvatore Feo, Agata Giallongo, Claudia Coronnello
Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function of 3’UTR and coding region length of IP-Enriched genes. Enriched genes in AGO (1–4) and in GW182 protein family IP selected by considering log2 IP-Enrichment of transcript greater than 1. Data are downloaded from Landthaler et al. [14]. The Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function of the 3’UTR length (top) and coding region length (bottom) of genes enriched exclusively by AGO-IP (red line), GW182-IP (blue line) and both IPs (black line) are reported. The reported p-value is computed by performing a Wilcoxon test to compare the length distributions of genes enriched exclusively in AGO-IP and in GW182-IP. (PDF 145 kb)