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Additional file 8 of A heat-sensitive Osh protein controls PI4P polarity

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posted on 2020-03-14, 04:34 authored by Deike J. Omnus, Angela Cadou, Ffion B. Thomas, Jakob M. Bader, Nathaniel Soh, Gary H. C. Chung, Andrew N. Vaughan, Christopher J. Stefan
Figure S3. ER-localized Scs2 interacts with the PIK patch subunit Efr3 at the PM and the PI4P phosphatase Sac1 in the ER. (a) Cartoon displaying the principle of BiFC using the split GFP assay. The N-terminal half of GFP (GFPN) and the C-terminal half of GFP (GFPC) only form a fluorescent GFP when brought into spatial proximity if their fusion partners, protein A and protein B, interact with each other. (b) Protein-protein interactions between Efr3, Scs2, Sac1, and Ypp1 as detected by the split GFP BiFC assay. In each case, GFPN is fused to the protein on listed on the left and GFPC is fused to the protein on listed on the right. In the Efr3-Sac1 pairing, for example, cells express Efr3-GFPN and Sac1-GFPC. The pseudo-colored images (intensity maps) indicate the scale of specific interactions (blue, moderate; red, strong). Scale bars, 3 μm


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