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Additional file 8: Figure S2. of Dietary fats promote functional and structural changes in the median eminence blood/spinal fluid interface—the protective role for BDNF

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posted on 09.01.2018, 05:00 by Albina Ramalho, Bruna Bombassaro, Nathalia Dragano, Carina Solon, Joseane Morari, Milena Fioravante, Roberta Barbizan, Licio Velloso, Eliana Araujo
Evaluation of the blood-brain barrier integrity. The protocol employed for evaluation of BBB integrity is shown in Fig. 2a. Confocal microscopy analysis was employed for determining FITC-dextran endogenous fluorescence in the regions of the vascular organ of lamina terminalis (OVLT), subfornical organ (SFO), and subcomissural organ (SCO); in all acquisitions, the same settings of the microscope were employed (laser 488, wavelength = 405, %laser = 20%, gain = 1015, offset = − 0.3799). The fluorescence in the distinct regions was determined using an ImageJ software and presented as relative to control. N = 4. (PDF 141 kb)


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