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Additional file 7 of Dexmedetomidine versus standard care sedation with propofol or midazolam in intensive care: an economic evaluation

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posted on 03.08.2021, 03:43 authored by Heidi Turunen, Stephan M Jakob, Esko Ruokonen, Kirsi-Maija Kaukonen, Toni Sarapohja, Marjo Apajasalo, Jukka Takala
Total intensive care unit (ICU) costs in patients with observed data available from all three time points, without any censoring or data imputations, in the pooled data analysis (S6). Table S5. Total intensive care unit (ICU) costs with dexmedetomidine and current standard care sedatives in the 18 centers whose routine daily ICU cost information the unit cost assumptions in this work were based on (S7).