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Additional file 7 of Cis-regulatory analysis of Onecut1 expression in fate-restricted retinal progenitor cells

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posted on 2020-03-20, 04:55 authored by Sruti Patoori, Nathalie Jean-Charles, Ariana Gopal, Sacha Sulaiman, Sneha Gopal, Brian Wang, Benjamin Souferi, Mark M. Emerson
Additional File 7. Sequence alignments of ECR9 and ECR65 mouse, chicken and human homologous sequences. Asterisks below nucleotides denote conservation. Labelled black arrows demarcate boundaries of Motifs or Regions that were deleted in Fig. 4. ECR65 Region 3 and ECR65 Region 5 share a boundary. All deletions are directional as shown in Fig. 4. Mutated bHLH sites are shown below full alignments, highlighted in blue.


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