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Additional file 7: of A functional SNP associated with atopic dermatitis controls cell type-specific methylation of the VSTM1 gene locus

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posted on 2017-02-20, 05:00 authored by Dilip Kumar, Kia Puan, Anand Andiappan, Bernett Lee, Geertje Westerlaken, Doreen Haase, Rossella Melchiotti, Zhuang Li, Nurhashikin Yusof, Josephine Lum, Geraldine Koh, Shihui Foo, Joe Yeong, Alexessander Alves, Juha Pekkanen, Liang Sun, Astrid Irwanto, Benjamin Fairfax, Vivek Naranbhai, John Common, Mark Tang, Chin Chuang, Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin, Julian Knight, Xuejun Zhang, Fook Chew, Shyam Prabhakar, Liu Jianjun, De Yun Wang, Francesca Zolezzi, Michael Poidinger, E. Lane, Linde Meyaard, Olaf Rötzschke
EMSA competition of PU.1 (ETS family) and YY1 consensus probes with rs612529 probes. EMSA experiments were performed with radiolabeled probes representing the consensus binding sequence of PU.1 and YY1. A EMSA competition experiment with consensus PU.1-probe. Nuclear extracts from primary monocytes were exposed to radiolabeled PU.1 consensus alone (lane 1) or together with excess of unlabeled PU.1 consensus probes (lane 2), PU.1 mutant probes (lane 3), or increasing amounts of rs612529 C (lanes 4–6) or T probes (lanes 7–9). The competitors were added to the binding reactions at increasing concentrations prior to the incubation with probe. B EMSA competition experiment with consensus YY1-probe. Radiolabeled YY1 probe was used alone (lane 1) or with excess of unlabeled YY1 probe (lane 2), YY1 mutant probe (lane 3), or increasing amounts of rs612529 C (lanes 4–7) or T probes (lanes 8–11). (PDF 243 kb)


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