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Additional file 7: Table S2. of Large-scale genomic analysis shows association between homoplastic genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes and meningeal or pulmonary tuberculosis

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posted on 2018-02-05, 05:00 authored by Carolien Ruesen, Lidya Chaidir, Arjan van Laarhoven, Sofiati Dian, Ahmad Ganiem, Hanna Nebenzahl-Guimaraes, Martijn Huynen, Bachti Alisjahbana, Bas Dutilh, Reinout van Crevel
Ancestral reconstruction of SNP 261869TC in Rv0218. Listed are the internal nodes and leaves where the SNP in Rv0218 occurred according to the ancestral reconstruction of the SNP. (DOCX 72 kb)


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