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Additional file 7: Figure S3. of Gene expression meta-analysis reveals immune response convergence on the IFNÎł-STAT1-IRF1 axis and adaptive immune resistance mechanisms in lymphoma

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posted on 11.09.2015, 05:00 authored by Matthew Care, David Westhead, Reuben Tooze
High resolution image corresponding to Fig. 2a. Integrated gene signature and ontology enrichments for COO-classified meta-profile clusters from signature and ontology term perspectives. The figure represents the hierarchical clustering of enriched gene signature and ontology terms related to the COO-classified meta-profile. Correlations are illustrated in heat maps on a blue (least) to red (most) scale as indicated at the top of the figure. Along the edges of the heatmap the signature terms are provided (and correspond to terms listed in Additional file 6). The FDR-corrected p value for enrichment of the signature is illustrated as a bar on either side of the heatmap, along with an indication of the type of term (signature versus ontology) and the origin of the terms as indicated in the figure. (PDF 283 kb)


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