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Additional file 6: of The LsVe1L allele provides a molecular marker for resistance to Verticillium dahliae race 1 in lettuce

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posted on 2019-07-10, 05:00 authored by Patrik Inderbitzin, Marilena Christopoulou, Dean Lavelle, Sebastian Reyes-Chin-Wo, Richard Michelmore, Krishna Subbarao, Ivan Simko
PCR gel demonstrating that Verticillium dahliae strains isolated from symptomatic cultivar Plymouth tap roots did not contain Ave1, the specificity determinant of race 1, and were thus not race 1. Amplicon size marker indicated by > corresponds to 1000 bp. Lane numbers are: 1. 2-log ladder, 2. and 3. Verticillium dahliae strain isolated from symptomatic cultivar Plymouth tap root, 4. and 5. V. dahliae race 2 control strain Ls.17, 6. and 7. V. dahliae race 1 control strain Ls.16, and 8. negative control. (PDF 4236 kb)


California Department of Food and Agriculture