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Additional file 6 of High-parameter cytometry unmasks microglial cell spatio-temporal response kinetics in severe neuroinflammatory disease

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posted on 27.07.2021, 03:28 authored by Alanna G. Spiteri, Rachel L. Terry, Claire L. Wishart, Thomas M. Ashhurst, Iain L. Campbell, Markus J. Hofer, Nicholas J. C. King
Additional file 6 TMEM119 and CD44 are masked by collagenase and DNase brain digestion. a-f tSNE plot clustered on myeloid cells from mock-infected and WNV dpi 7 brains digested with and without collagenase/DNase. tSNE plot representing enzyme and non-enzyme digested brain cells from mock- (a) and WNV-infected (b) animals clustered on live, CD11b+ and CD45+ cells. Annotation of myeloid cells on tSNE plots representing mock-infected (c, e) and WNV-infected brains (d, f) with (c, d) and without (e, f) enzyme digestion. g-l Histograms showing the loss of TMEM119 on microglia in mock-infected brains (g) and CD44 on infiltrating Ly6Chi macrophages and neutrophils in WNV-infected (j), enzyme-digested brains. tSNE plots showing the reduced expression of TMEM119 (h, i) and CD44 (k, l) in collagenase and DNase processed (h, k), mock-infected (h) and WNV-infected (k) brains, respectively. Data is representative of at least two independent experiments, with a minimum 6 animals per group.


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