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Additional file 6: Figure S4. of Bipartite structure of the inactive mouse X chromosome

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posted on 07.08.2015, 05:00 by Xinxian Deng, Wenxiu Ma, Vijay Ramani, Andrew Hill, Fan Yang, Ferhat Ay, Joel Berletch, Carl Blau, Jay Shendure, Zhijun Duan, William Noble, Christine Disteche
Reproducibility of Xi contact maps obtained by DNase Hi-C and in situ DNase Hi-C approaches in F1 brain and Patski cells. Allelic intrachromosomal chromatin contact heatmaps are shown for the mouse Xa and Xi based on SNP reads at 1 Mb resolution using DNase Hi-C and in situ DNase Hi-C to the same whole brain specimen, and for two independent biological replicates using in situ DNase Hi-C on Patski cells. These contact maps show remarkably similar features between replicates, between methods, and between in vitro and in vivo mouse hybrid systems. Note that XCI is reciprocal between F1 brain (spretus Xi) and Patski cells (BL6 Xi). (PDF 1598 kb)


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