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Additional file 5 of Urogenital Microbiota:Potentially Important Determinant of PD-L1 Expression in Male Patients with Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

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posted on 2022-01-05, 04:39 authored by Chunxiao Chen, Zehai Huang, Pengcheng Huang, Kun Li, Jiarong Zeng, Yuehui Wen, Biao Li, Jie Zhao, Peng Wu
Additional file 5: Figure S3. Specific taxa associated with different PD-L1 expression levels. Association of specific microbial taxa with higher PD-L1 expression (group F, PD-L1≥5%) and lower PD-L1 expression (group O, 1%≤PD-L1<5%) is exhibited by linear discriminant analysis effect size (LEfSe).Green indicates taxa enriched in group O and red indicates taxa enriched in group F.