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Additional file 5 of Unexpected organellar locations of ESCRT machinery in Giardia intestinalis and complex evolutionary dynamics spanning the transition to parasitism in the lineage Fornicata

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posted on 27.08.2021, 03:26 by Shweta V. Pipaliya, Rui Santos, Dayana Salas-Leiva, Erina A. Balmer, Corina D. Wirdnam, Andrew J. Roger, Adrian B. Hehl, Carmen Faso, Joel B. Dacks
Additional file 5: Additional Material 5-Supplementary Figure 4. Phylogenetic analyses of the individual SNF7-VPS2 family proteins from ESCRTIII and ESCRTIII-A sub-complexes depicts pan-eukaryotic VPS2/24/46 with Carpediemonas membranifera VPS2 family proteins used as landmark representative for Fornicata. Tree inference was carried out using both Bayesian Inference and Maximum Likelihood analyses. RAxML best model was determined to be LG + G + F while IQ-TREE ModelFinder determined an equivalent LG + G4 + F. Carpediemonas membranifera was determined to have all three components with strong backbone support for VPS24 (1.0/100/100) and VPS46 (1.0/100/100).


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