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Additional file 5: of The added value of a mobile application of Community Case Management on referral, re-consultation and hospitalization rates of children aged under 5 years in two districts in Northern Malawi: study protocol for a pragmatic, stepped-wedge cluster-randomized controlled trial

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posted on 2017-10-11, 05:00 authored by Victoria Hardy, Yvonne O’Connor, Ciara Heavin, Nikolaos Mastellos, Tammy Tran, John O’Donoghue, Annette Fitzpatrick, Nicole Ide, Tsung-Shu Wu, Griphin Chirambo, Adamson Muula, Moffat Nyirenda, Sven Carlsson, Bo Andersson, Matthew Thompson
Health Surveillance Assistant Consent Form. Document for obtaining written informed consent from Health Surveillance Assistants. (PDF 346 kb)


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