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Additional file 4 of High-throughput detection of T-DNA insertion sites for multiple transgenes in complex genomes

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posted on 2022-10-05, 07:27 authored by Brianne Edwards, Eli D. Hornstein, Nathan J. Wilson, Heike Sederoff
Additional file 4: Capillary gel electrophoresis results for library prep and additional T2 zygosity PCR results. Figures S1-S4. Side-by-side gel images of amplified products obtained from the nested PCR (step 2) before and after (step 3) indexing for every line. PCR step 1 results in a broad range of low-intensity bands and in most cases, strong, specific bands are not detected until PCR step 2. For this reason, it is important to note that PCR success or failure should not be evaluated based on results of the PCR step 1. Figure S5. Gel electrophoresis results of the T2 zygosity screening PCRs for the OGC transgene in line #1415. Figures S6-S7. Gel electrophoresis results of the two T2 zygosity screening PCRs for the OCP1 insertion site in line #1416 showing the non-Mendelian segregation of the transgene on chromosome 8. Figures S8-S9. Full length gel electrophoresis results of the PCRs shown in Figure 4. Results of both PCRs were used to assess T2 zygosity at the OCP1 insertion site in line #1416 on chromosome 15.


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