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Additional file 3: of The hypoxia conditioned mesenchymal stem cells promote hepatocellular carcinoma progression through YAP mediated lipogenesis reprogramming

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posted on 2019-05-29, 05:00 authored by Yang Liu, Haozhen Ren, Yuan Zhou, Longcheng Shang, Yuheng Zhang, Faji Yang, Xiaolei Shi
Figure S2. Exogenous PGE2 promotes HCC cell proliferation. (a) The proliferation ability of 7402 and Hep3b treated with PGE2 in indicated dose. (b-c) Representative images and quantification of Edu positive cells in 7402 and Hep3b cells treated with PGE2 in indicated dose (n = 3). (*p < 0.05). (DOCX 397 kb)