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Additional file 3 of The effect of fingolimod on regulatory T cells in a mouse model of brain ischaemia

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posted on 31.01.2021, 04:19 by Kyle Malone, Andrea C. Diaz Diaz, Jennifer A. Shearer, Anne C. Moore, Christian Waeber
Additional file 3. : Total CD4+ cell counts in blood and secondary lymphoid tissue across three individual mouse cohorts of brain ischaemia (t = 7 days). Two-sided, independent-samples t tests investigated differences between two groups (* = p<0.05, ** = p<0.01, *** = p<0.001 as compared to saline). One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) tests with post hoc Tukey’s multiple comparisons were performed to investigate differences between three or more groups (# = p<0.05, ## = p<0.01, ### = p<0.001 as compared to saline). Number of mice per group shown in parentheses on x-axis.Box-and-whisker plots exhibit 10-90 percentiles.


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