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Additional file 3: of Repeated clinical malaria episodes are associated with modification of the immune system in children

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posted on 2019-03-13, 05:00 authored by Yaw Bediako, Rhys Adams, Adam Reid, John Valletta, Francis Ndungu, Jan Sodenkamp, Jedidah Mwacharo, Joyce Ngoi, Domtila Kimani, Oscar Kai, Juliana Wambua, George Nyangweso, Etienne Villiers, Mandy Sanders, Magda Lotkowska, Jing-Wen Lin, Sarah Manni, John Addy, Mario Recker, Chris Newbold, Matthew Berriman, Philip Bejon, Kevin Marsh, Jean Langhorne
Figure S2. Distribution of temperature and log-parasitaemia for each clinical episode in the high- and low-episode groups over period of follow-up. High-episode group: red dots, n = 21; low-episode groups: blue dots, n = 21 (PDF 160 kb)


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