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Additional file 3: of Rapid clearance of heavy chain-modified hyaluronan during resolving acute lung injury

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posted on 31.05.2018, 05:00 by Kevin Ni, Amar Gill, Victor Tseng, Andrew Mikosz, Kengo Koike, Erica Beatman, Cassie Xu, Danting Cao, Fabienne Gally, Kara Mould, Karina Serban, Kelly Schweitzer, Keith March, William Janssen, Eva Nozik-Grayck, Stavros Garantziotis, Irina Petrache
HC-modification of HA after LPS and PA injury. A. HC-modified HA following LPS injury at 1 and 4 dpi measured as in Fig. 1a. B. HC-modified HA following PA injury (2*106 CFU) at 2 and 4 dpi measured as in Fig. 1b. HT denotes heterozygous TSG-6 control littermate. (DOCX 110 kb)


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute