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Additional file 3: of Plant pectin acetylesterase structure and function: new insights from bioinformatic analysis

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journal contribution
posted on 2017-06-08, 05:00 authored by Florian Philippe, Jérôme Pelloux, Catherine Rayon
Phylogenetic tree of grass PAEs along with AtPAEs and schematic representation of the predicted motifs found in the grass PAEs. (a) The evolutionary history was inferred by using the Maximum Likelihood method based on the JTT matrix-based model [71]. Evolutionary analyses were conducted in MEGA7 [27]. Each major clade is identified with a specific color. Clade 1 is in pink, clade 2 in purple, clade 3 in green and clade 4 in blue. (b) PAE conserved motifs in grass PAEs. (PDF 14.7 kb)


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