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Additional file 3 of Microglial responses to peripheral type 1 interferon

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posted on 2020-11-13, 04:40 authored by Ernest Aw, Yingying Zhang, Michael Carroll
Additional file 3: Figure S3. Validation of Cx3cr1-CreERT2 targeting of microglia. (A) Schematic of treatment protocol. Cx3cr1-CreERT2+/−, R26-EYFPLSL mice were orally gavaged with either vehicle (N = 2) or tamoxifen (N = 3) and sacrificed 4 weeks post gavage. (B) Representative confocal images of frontal cortex of Cx3cr1-CreERT2+/−, R26-EYFPLSL mice showing specific expression of the Cx3cr1-CreERT2 transgene in IBA1 expressing microglia/myeloid lineage cells. Scale bars = 200 μm. (C) Flow cytometric analysis of YFP expression in CD11b+, CD45lo microglia, showing elevated YFP expression only in the tamoxifen treated group. Veh., Vehicle; Tam., Tamoxifen.


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