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Additional file 3: of Hematuria as a risk factor for progression of chronic kidney disease and death: findings from the Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort (CRIC) Study

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posted on 26.06.2018, 05:00 by Paula Orlandi, Naohiko Fujii, Jason Roy, Hsiang-Yu Chen, L. Lee Hamm, James Sondheimer, Jiang He, Michael Fischer, Hernan Rincon-Choles, Geetha Krishnan, Raymond Townsend, Tariq Shafi, Chi-yuan Hsu, John Kusek, John Daugirdas, Harold Feldman
Baseline characteristics of participants and individuals excluded from the study. Baseline characteristics of the 551 CRIC Study participants not included in this analysis. (DOCX 21 kb)