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Additional file 3: of Drug resistance profiling of a new triple negative breast cancer patient-derived xenograft model

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posted on 2019-03-07, 05:00 authored by Margarite Matossian, Hope Burks, Steven Elliott, Van Hoang, Annie Bowles, Rachel Sabol, Bahia Wahba, Muralidharan Anbalagan, Brian Rowan, Mohamed Abazeed, Bruce Bunnell, Krzysztof Moroz, Lucio Miele, Lyndsay Rhodes, Steven Jones, Elizabeth Martin, Bridgette Collins-Burow, Matthew Burow
Figure S3. (A) TU-BCx-2 K1 explants were embedded in 40% Matrigel and immunofluorescence was employed to evaluate CD44 (red) and CD24 (green) populations within the spheres. ‘T’ indicates the tumor explant from which the mammospheres budded. Arrows indicate CD44+CD24low cells and arrowheads indicate CD44+CD24low cells. (B) z-stack imaging of the CD44+ immunofluorescence stained explant-derived mammospheres. Red = CD44, Blue = DAPI nuclear stain. (DOCX 302 kb)