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Additional file 3 of Consistent ultra-long DNA sequencing with automated slow pipetting

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posted on 13.03.2021, 04:31 by Trent M. Prall, Emma K. Neumann, Julie A. Karl, Cecilia G. Shortreed, David A. Baker, Hailey E. Bussan, Roger W. Wiseman, David H. O’Connor
Additional file 3: Supplementary Figure 3. Schematics of SNAILS gears. A. Dimensions of 14 tooth gear cap for planetary motor. B. Dimensions for 16 tooth axle 2 gear. C. Dimensions of 24 tooth axle 2 gear. D. Dimensions of 36 tooth axle 1 gear. E. Dimension of 36 tooth axle 3 gear. F. Dimensions of 24 tooth axle 3 gear.


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